POF USA Dictator Adjustable Gas Block – Pistol Length


  • For .750″ gas block shelf
  • Pistol length
  • Straight gas tube
  • 9 position adjustable
  • Direct impingement


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The POF USA Dictator Adjustable Gas Block is a high-quality, reliable, and durable gas block that is perfect for your AR. It features a 9 position adjustable DI gas block to provide ideal range adjustment capabilities and optimal versatility. The Dictator allows you to control the rate of fire and gas flow improving the reliability of your weapon.

It limits the amount of back pressure in the system and prevents premature wear and tear on your parts by decreasing the amount of gas/carbon in the chamber. The gas system is simple to adjust with a dial at the front of the gas block that accepts a flat head screwdriver, 3/32” hex wrench or the dictation tool included in the DI gas block kit. The POF USA DI Adjustable Gas Block also features a straight gas tube to help eliminate the heat buildup that can often occur with bent gas tubes.


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