LMT MRP Rifle Length 13.25” Quad Rail AR-15 Upper Receiver


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This receiver is the starting point for your LMT MRP build. Think of it as a blank canvas—or a swiss army knife.


  • 13.25″ Monolithic quad rail handguard
  • CQB Receiver with 14.5”-18” Intermediate Barrel Compatibility
  • 5 QD Sling attachment Points
  • Precision Machined Receiver with Quad-Rail handguard
  • True Monolithic Top Rail
  • Forward Assist
  • Black Finish

The LMT L7RA1A Rifle Length 13.25” Receiver is a bare monolithic quad-rail upper receiver that fits intermediate-caliber cartridges with barrels between 14.5” and 18”. By adding your own LMT barrels, you can transform this receiver from a door-kicking short barrel carbine to a full length SPR in under a minute. You can also transition to .300blk or .224 Valkyrie just as easily. With the LMT Rifle Length 13.25” Receiver, you have the power to configure your rifle exactly how you need it without buying multiple guns.

This receiver also has a monolithic top rail for fully variable optics mounting, 5 available QD points, a forward assist, and incredible precision machining. Overall, the LMT MRP Rifle Length 13.25” receiver is a fantastic place to start an AR build, especially when you want that barrel changing ability.


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