LMT Gas Tube Roll Pin


  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black



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The LMT Gas Tube Roll Pin is a must-have for anyone looking to install a gas tube properly into their gas block. This pin is designed for standard AR style gas blocks, so before purchasing, be sure it is compatible with your chosen gas tube and block. The gas tube roll pin needs to be hammered in with a proper armorer’s tool. Machined for a precise fit, when the roll pin is inserted, it should be flush with the gas block on both sides so the pin isn’t sticking out in either direction. The alignment of the pin through the hole of the gas block into the hole on the tube can take some time to align. Be sure not to hammer in the pin without this alignment or you can cause damage to the gas tube. Be sure to assemble correctly or take it to a gunsmith to assemble for you. The LMT Gas Tube Roll Pin is an essential piece to have when installing a gas tube – so don’t wait any longer, get yours today!


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