LMT Enhanced M16 Bolt Carrier – Parkerized


  • Manufactured by Lewis Machine and Tool
  • Parkerized finish
  • 8620 steel
  • M16 carrier
  • Modified gas hole
  • Relief grooves added to the top and bottom
  • Altered cam path for longer dwell time and more robust extraction


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This carrier is specifically designed to work well in full-auto, suppressed, and short barrel weapon systems, offering optimal performance in a variety of applications. The high-quality Mil-Spec 8620 tool steel construction is finished with a parkerized coating for maximum durability, while the modified gas hole and longer dwell time allow for improved gas flow and reduced barrel pressure. If you’re looking for a dependable upgrade that will improve the performance of your rifle, the LMT Enhanced M16 Bolt Carrier is the perfect choice!


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