LMT Enhanced Lobster Tail 5.56 Extractor


  • Manufactured by Lewis Machine and Tool
  • Optimized for 5.56
  • Dual spring design
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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The LMT Enhanced Lobster Tail 5.56 Extractor is a high quality, reliable extractor that is manufactured by Lewis Machine and Tool in the United States. This extractor is powered by dual coil springs to provide positive extraction. LMT has been producing high quality weapon systems and precision engineering for 40 years. Their attention to quality makes this a reliable part for the shooting enthusiast who demands a great deal from his firearm. Heavy use can often result in a great time at the range and next thing you know your rifle is malfunctioning. This makes having a spare is never the wrong answer, so keep your kit ready to roll with a spare enhanced lobster tail extractor for 5.56.


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