LMT Crush Washer – 1/2×28


  • For barrels with 1/2×28 threads
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black


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The LMT Crush Washer 1/2×28 is the perfect accessory for your barrel. With this crush washer, you can easily install a flash hider, muzzle brake, or any other attachment on the end of your barrel. This crush washer is designed to work with any barrel with 0.750″ outer diameter and 1/2×28 threads per inch.

Rifles can perform better with flash hiders and muzzle brakes. Flash hiders help reduce the visible signature while firing by cooling or dispersing the burning gases that exit the muzzle. These are most used on carbine length guns including the pistol caliber carbine. Not all flash hiders perform the same way, so be particular in purchasing.

Muzzle brakes are recoil compensators that redirect a portion of the gases being expelled to counter recoil. By redirecting these gases, muzzle brakes help reduce felt recoil, making it more comfortable for you to shoot your rifle.


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