LMT .308 Ejector Spring


  • For .308 bolt carrier groups
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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No matter what type of .308 rifle you have, it needs an LMT .308 Ejector Spring to operate. This small part is easy to lose, so when assembling, be sure to keep parts in a place they won’t get knocked over until you’re ready to install. The ejector spring is what loads the ejector into the right position on the bolt face of a bolt carrier group. The ejector applies pressure against the round in the chamber. The ejector spring gives the perfect amount of tension on the ejector. Your .308 rifle will need maintenance as you shoot regularly and the ejector spring is one of the components that should be checked. Small parts are always handy to have stored in a case you bring to the range, to shooting competitions, and at your workbench. After assembling your rifle, store this piece in a safe place for future use.


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