Holosun Paralow HS503G Red Dot Sight – ACSS CQB Reticle


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We are proud to offer the Holosun Paralow HS503G Red Dot Sight – ACSS CQB Reticle. This sight is the result of a collaboration between Primary Arms and Holosun, and it offers the power of the patent pending ACSS CQB reticle in a red dot sight. The ACSS reticle uses a large chevron that the eye picks up very easily for up close shooting. At longer distances, the tip of the chevron is an infinitely small aiming point perfect for taking precise shots.

Using “zero” ranges of 25, 50, or 100 yards, the ACSS BDC is compatible with the following calibers:

  • 5.56 NATO / 5.45×39 from 100 to 600 yards
  • 300 BLK / 7.62×39 from 50 to 450 yards
  • 12 gauge 1 oz. slug from 25 to 150 yards
  • 7.62x54R from 100 to 600 yards
  • 7.62 NATO / .308 Win from 100 to 600 yards
  • 300 BLK 220 gr subsonic from 50 to 150 yards
  • .22LR 40 gr from 50 to 175 yards
  • 9mm carbine 115gr from 25 to 200 yards

The new Holosun Paralow HS503G Red Dot Sight is a versatile and affordable option for shooters who need a sight that can perform in close-quarter and long-range situations. The patent-pending ACSS CQB reticle was developed by Primary Arms and Holosun to give shooters the best of both worlds: a large, easy-to-acquire chevron for close-quarters shooting and a small, precise aiming point for long-range accuracy. The HS503G is constructed with durable aluminum and is fully waterproof, making it an ideal option for use in any environment. Whether you’re plinking at the range or hunting in the field, the HS503G is a sight that will help you.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time shooter, the Holosun Paralow HS503G Red Dot Sight is the perfect aiming solution for your needs. This top-of-the-line red dot sight features a unique ACSS CQB Reticle that provides incredibly fast and accurate target acquisition. The reticle also features four different aiming dots for greater precision and versatility in all lighting conditions.


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