Geissele SSA X Trigger with Lightning Bow


  • Compatible with AR-15 / AR-10 platforms
  • 2 Stage Trigger
  • 1st Stage Weight: 2.75 – 3.0 lbs
  • 2nd Stage Weight: 1.5 – 1.75 lbs
  • Total Pull Weight: 4.25 – 4.75 lbs
  • Not adjustable
  • Lightning Bow
  • Mil-spec Pin Size


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If you’re looking for a top-quality trigger upgrade for your AR-15 or AR-10, look no further than the Geissele SSA X Trigger with Lightning Bow. This two-stage trigger uses a standard .154″ trigger and hammer pin, so it will fit in any Mil-Spec lower receiver. It features a lightning trigger bow that’s designed with a flat face and curved bow to spread pressure over more surface area, allowing better trigger control and accuracy. Each SSA X trigger has a nano-coated body and hammer with a Chrome Nitride disconnect to protect against wear and corrosion while giving you the reliability and durability you need.

When it comes to building or upgrading your AR-15 rifle, one of the most important components is the trigger. The Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic X (SSA X) Trigger is built off of the chassis of the Geissele SSA Trigger to provide enhanced trigger control, weapon accuracy, and reliability of a two-stage trigger. Its two-stage design makes it light enough for precise shots while being forgiving enough for CQB shots. This results in a trigger that is both accurate and reliable. The Geissele SSA-E X is an all around great trigger that will enhance the capabilities of your AR-15 substantially.


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