Geissele MK7 Super Modular National Match Quad Rail – Desert Dirt – 12.7″


  • 12.7”
  • Designed for National Match Competition
  • CMP legal
  • Correctly mounted sling loop
  • Picatinny quad rail design
  • Free floated
  • Includes barrel nut and mounting hardware
  • Does not barrel nut include wrench
  • Additional weights can be purchased
  • Desert Dirt anodized finish


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Looking for a solid, reliable handguard for your High Power Competition Rifle? Look no further than the Geissele MK7 Super Modular National Match Quad Rail Handguard. This CMP legal rail system is specifically designed for National Match competitions, where weight is not an issue. The quad rail system provides a stable, versatile platform that is perfect for this type of competition. The front-mounted sling loop is in the proper legal location and is attached to a steel bar for additional weight. If you want to increase the weight of your rifle even more, additional steel weights can be purchased and attached to the inside of the rail. This quad rail handguard is completely free-floated and attaches directly to a rock-solid 2 ¼” barrel nut. It comes with a desert dirt finish that will help it blend in with your surroundings. Whether you are looking for a competitive edge or just wanting to build the perfect rifle, the Geissele MK7 Super Modular National Match Quad Rail Handguard is the way to go.


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