Geissele 5.56 Enhanced AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group – Nanoweapon


  • Full auto rated
  • M16 Profile
  • 8620 Carrier
  • C158 Bolt
  • H13 steel cam pin
  • Improved upper rails
  • Nanoweapon Chrome Nitride finish
  • HPT and MPI


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The Geissele 5.56 Enhanced AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group is the perfect upgrade for your AR-15 rifle. This full mass M16 profile bolt carrier group is built out of premium materials and coatings for long term durability and reliability. The carrier is machined from 8620 steel and the cam pin is machined from H13 steel. The entire AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group is coated in Nanoweapon which is a Chrome-Nitride finish that increases smoothness and surface hardness for corrosion resistance and cleaning. The carrier also features longer upper rails to prevent carrier tilt and increase feeding reliability. The bolt is forged from Carpenter 158 steel and undergoes a proprietary heat-treating process that reduces impurities and makes it stronger.

The Geissele 5.56 Enhanced AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group is built for optimal performance and durability. Each bolt is high pressure tested and undergoes magnetic particle inspection and a rigorous inspection process, ensuring that it meet or exceedes all military specifications. If you are looking for an AR-15 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group that will last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with the Geissele Automatics Enhanced BCG.


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