Aero Precision Threaded Roll Pin


  • Works with: M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receivers
  • M4E1 Threaded Upper Receivers
  • M5E1 Enhanced Upper Receivers
  • M5E1 Threaded Upper Receivers
  • M5 Lower Receivers
  • DOES NOT work with our M4E1 Lower Receiver
  • DOES NOT work with a standard AR15 Lower Receiver


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Aero Precision’s threaded roll pins are an essential tool for any serious AR owner. Made from stainless steel with a 6/32 thread, these pins are perfect for installing bolt catches and forward assists on Aero receivers. They’re easy to install with a hex wrench, and they’re included with many of Aero’s receivers. Having a few on hand is always a good idea, just in case you lose or break one. So pick up a few of these Aero Precision threaded roll pins today and be prepared for anything!


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