Pearl Harbor Ships WS copyAfter leaving the WWI Trench Exhibit, visitors at the Armed Forces History Museum enter the World War II Pearl Harbor Exhibit dedicated to the infamous day in American history – December 7, 1941 – when the United States was attacked by the Japanese on their own soil.  This large room houses a number of incredible Japanese artifacts.  At the center of the room (appearing to be at sea) are large scale models of Japanese ships, actually used in the filming of the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!  The 20 ft. theater screen in the background shows continuous authentic film footage of the actual bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Akagi WSAlso included in this exhibit is a large replica of the deck of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, designed and built at the AFHM using the ships original plans acquired from the Japanese.  The members of the Japanese navy aboard the Akagi are wearing uniforms that were also used in the filming of Tora! Tora! Tora!

In addition to these two impressive displays, the WWII Pearl Harbor exhibit boasts of seven cases of authentic Japanese memorabilia housing a number of incredible items.  Uniforms, books, weapons, personal items such as a Samurai sword, Japanese Saki pitchers, Japanese money, a Cavalry saddle and saddlebag are just a few of the pieces which make up an incredible collection difficult to find anyplace else.

Japanese Weapons Case WSAnother display case in the WWII Pearl Harbor exhibit showcases a number of rare authentic Japanese weapons including a Nambu pistol, a Japanese Type 92 Hotchkiss Heavy Machine Gun, a Type 96 Light Machine Gun as well as its training model and a WWII Knee Mortar Grenade.  Many other pieces round out this impressive collection of firearms and ordnance.

A replica of a Japanese lookout post is also part of the Pearl Harbor exhibit.   Two Japanese soldiers stand watch from the tower above, while below, visitors are awed at the two chairs Japanese Post and Displays WSon display which once belonged to Admiral Yamamoto, the gentleman who gave the order to bomb Pearl Harbor.

Large scale model planes fly overhead as part of this detailed exhibit.  Even the walls in this sizable gallery are covered in murals completing the incredible feel of this area.  The museum went to great lengths to heighten the experience of the visitors with these murals and others throughout the museum which enhances the overall authentic effect of their exhibits.


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