An USS Iowa model is a great addition to any collection.  If you decide to buy a USS Iowa model you have many options and prices to choose from.

It’s like stepping onto a Hollywood set right in the heart of the action as you enter the WWII Pearl Harbor Gallery at the Armed Forces History Museum, witnessing the large detailed scale models of the Japanese ships used in the filming of the world renowned movie Tora! Tora! Tora!   The impressive diorama displays the ships at sea with a 20 ft theater screen in the background showing original film footage from the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

About the USS Iowa

The USS Iowa was ordered on July 1 1939. She launched out to sea on the 27th of August 1942. She was commissioned February 22, 1943.The USS Iowa (BB-61) was used in the Pacific Fleet in 1944. Iowa made her combat debut in February and participated in the campaign for the Marshall Islands. The ship later was used as an escort for U.S. aircraft carriers conducting raids in the Marianas campaign.

These are just a few reasons why this battleship is so popular with model makers.   In many cases the scale of the model has a direct relationship to what the model sells for.  A choice of scale models of the Iowa offers collectors a broad range of choices.

Die Cast USS Iowa Models

Several of the most well-liked USS Iowa models are die cast versions.  Die cast USS Iowa models have moving elements much like the plastic versions but tend to be much more sturdy.  Die cast models are also wonderful for those who don’t have any time or expertise to assemble a Iowa model battleship.

Plastic USS Iowa Models

Plastic models are normally a great deal less expensive than die cast versions of the Iowa.  These models have been created by many different companies, each one with its own level of complexity.  Most levels are posted on top of the front of the box model.  If you are searching for a enjoyable battleship model to build you will want to think about a plastic version of the USS Iowa.

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