During WWII most of the top ten snipers came from the well trained Soviet Union.  They were the only country at the time who utilized specific training for snipers.   The contribution snipers made to the war should never be underestimated.  The list is presented in order of total kills – beginning with the highest.



1)       Simo Hayha – Simo is the only sniper on this list that was not Russian.  This Finnish sniper was known as “white death” during the Winter War and is said to have 705 unconfirmed kills.  According to statistics, this makes him the deadliest sniper on record.




2)      Ivan Sidorenko – During WWIIs Battle of Moscow, Sidorenko taught himself how to snipe.  Throughout his WWII career, he is credited with over 500 kills.  Sidorenko was also well-known for his ability to teach marksmanship.



3)      Nikolay Ilyin – Nikolay was credited as a deadly Soviet sniper during World War II – having 494 kills.




4)      Ivan Kulbertinov – Ivan makes the list with his total of 489 kills throughout WWII.




5)      Vladimir Pchelintsev – This Soviet Union sniper is credited with 456 kills during the war.




6)      Mikhail Budenkov – Mikhail not only accomplished an impressive 456 kills, but the record does not include the number he also claimed while using a machine gun.



7)      Fyodor Okhlopkov – This Russian was one of the most respected snipers in the Soviet Union.  He totaled 429 kills plus additional ones using a machine gun.



8)      Fyodor Dyachenko – This Russian sniper achieved an above average marksmanship during his sniper training with the Red Army.  He achieved 425 confirmed kills.




9)      Vasilij Golosov – Golosov was another well-achieved Russian sniper during World War II with an impressive 422 kills.





10)  Stepan Petrenko – Petrenko was another testimonial of the successful sniper training in Russia.  Throughout World War II, he is credited with 422 kills.



11)  Lyudmila Pavlichenko – This sniper may not be in the top ten list in regards to total kills, but the fact Pavlichenko was a woman, earns her a place on this WWII list.  With an incredible 309 kills, Lyudmila Pavlichenko is believed to hold the record as the most successful female sniper to date.


Russia’s commitment sniper training during the Second World War is apparent when reviewing this list.  The individual marksmanship of these men and women pays tribute to the dedication of them and their country.  They were the best in the world at that time, and their total kills are unmatched by any other country of this era.  Based on kills, these are definitely the top ten snipers of WWII.

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