Getting into airsoft might seem a bit too complex for beginners or people who want to try it for the first time. Airsoft gun models present us with excellent external parts but contain cheap internal components that don’t last long. In other brands, they might have cheap externals but reliable internal parts.

Playing airsoft exposes you to all the malfunctions that can happen to your airsoft weapon. It will make you intuitive about all the gun parts that will quickly wear out with one single use. Fortunately, the airsoft industry is similar to gaming – you can modify and create your airsoft model. To do this, we will look at the oldest airsoft brands in existence!

The Big Three of Airsoft Gun Brands

Tokyo Marui

Do you want an airsoft brand or gun model that is reliable? Then Tokyo Marui airsoft guns are the ones you should purchase. The Tokyo Marui brand is Japanese; it is one of the oldest airsoft gun manufacturers worldwide! Suppose you live in Europe and ask, “Where can you buy Tokyo Marui in the UK so you can play?” Then the answer is visiting the famous bespoke online airsoft gun store.

The Tokyo Marui F-1 Famas is the first AEG gun ever made. Aside from that, Tokyo Marui pioneered the hop-up system. Considering their credentials, any airsoft gun that is not compatible with Tokyo Marui parts has many disadvantages. These airsoft guns will also give you a hard time looking for extra pieces in case of malfunctions.


The ICS brand is from Taiwan. These airsoft guns are different from other brands since almost all their models feature full metal structures. When you purchase an ICS airsoft model, you will be surprised with its realism and weight. Apart from that, full metal airsoft guns share their reliability and ability to withstand different conditions.

ICS continues to develop outstanding airsoft gun models. All the airsoft guns from ICS feature split gearboxes. As a result, airsoft players can quickly repair, modify, and replace the parts of their favorite ICS airsoft gun model. It is also easy for players to obtain new ICS parts since they offer gun components that can serve as replacements.


KWA is another airsoft manufacturer from Asia. They also belong to the Big Three of airsoft gun manufacturers. Being a top airsoft gun manufacturer in the industry, KWA shares with us various models such as full metal airsoft guns and realistic airsoft gun models. Aside from that, many users of KWA airsoft rifles enjoy their robust build and total reliability.

KWA is also one of the top AEG manufacturers since they focus on producing detailed and realistic airsoft guns. The KWA brand is closely associated with the M4 platform and was their specialty in the past few decades. If you want the latest airsoft technology, KWA’s AEG 3 and AEG 3 Plus feature a kinetic feedback system and built-in Gate Titan electronic fire control units.

Purchase Airsoft from a Historical Weapon Maker!

Tokyo Marui is one of the best and oldest airsoft gun manufacturers! Aside from that, many people worldwide praise the features of Tokyo Marui airsoft weapons. After many decades of manufacturing airsoft guns, Tokyo Marui continues to expand their product models, offering us new airsoft models.

Today, we can see Tokyo Marui components on different airsoft models. Many airsoft players also enjoy Tokyo Marui airsoft guns since they are reliable and easy to maintain. Airsoft players can also easily purchase gun components from Tokyo Marui. The latest innovation for airsoft gun models also comes from Tokyo Marui, making them the best brand for beginners and veteran players.


Playing airsoft is an excellent hobby to take! The Big 3 airsoft gun manufacturers are Tokyo Marui, ICS, and KWA. Tokyo Marui receives high ratings from its users since its airsoft gun models are reliable and long-lasting. It is also easy for airsoft players to replace airsoft gun parts from Tokyo Marui.

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