It might seem difficult to find the perfect Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift for your favorite prepper because it appears that they already have everything they need. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of gifts that a prepper might not have even realized they needed until you gave it to them. Or, if they do already have the item in question, they probably wouldn’t mind having a backup of the item. After all, in prepper parlance, if you have one survival item, then you actually have none, and if you have two, then you have one. That is just another way to say that a backup item is always preferable.

The Best Prepper Gifts

In this guide, we wanted to give all of our readers a few suggestions on what they can buy their favorite prepper or survivalist. Any of the following items would make wonderful gifts and more than likely place you in the said prepper’s good graces fairly quickly. With that being said, let’s jump right into this guide and find out the best prepper gifts currently available.

Case Trimmers

A tool that every prepper could probably use, and one that they might not be likely to have already bought themselves, is a case trimmer. A case trimmer is a tool that will allow them to reuse their brass, which can be useful after prolonged training periods to save them a bit of cash. There’s probably not a prepper, hunter or gun owner on the planet who wouldn’t appreciate a quality case trimmer in their garage or workshop.

Crossbow Scopes

Let’s face facts, some of the crossbow scopes on the market can be pretty pricey—particularly, the ones that have advanced features such as adjustment setting for wind and elevation, the ability to zero in on several different distances, and illumination for nighttime hunting. In our book, a good crossbow scope is always a welcome gift for any prepper or hunter who owns a crossbow.

Gun Accessories

Gun accessories are another set of gifts that are likely to be well received by most preppers, hunters, gun enthusiasts, or survivalists. Even if they don’t have use for that new shoulder holster that you just bought them, they can always trade it in for something else. Some of the best gun accessory gifts available now include biometric gun safes, speed loaders, and pistol lights. Of course, if you don’t want to spend that much on your prepper friend, then gun oil is something that doesn’t cost a whole lot and is always useful.


Monoculars are also quite useful gifts not only for preppers but for anyone who hunts, hikes, or bird watchers. Monoculars allows the user to spot birds and other animals quickly and efficiently. And because these devices are available in a wide variety of different price ranges, there’s one that’s affordable to just about anyone.

Climbing Tree Stands

Climbing tree stands are also quite a useful gift for anyone interested in hunting. These stands come in a variety of different sizes and with a number of different features, so just about anyone can find the one that works the best for the hunter in their life.

Lock Pick Sets

Lock pick sets are items that few people think to buy for themselves, but once they’re bought, they prove to be quite useful. Many preppers like to keep a set of lock picks on them for situations in which they may need to get through a lock. These sets come in several different styles and price ranges, so consumers have plenty of choices when choosing one for a gift.

Compact Binoculars

We could’ve easily placed compact binoculars into the same category as monoculars, but we do feel that they’re two different tools meant for two different jobs. Binoculars come in several different models including the basic ones that are meant for concert viewing to the tactical one that has enhanced optics, night vision, and other features that make them quite handy to use.


We’re not sure what giving your friend or spouse a tomahawk says about your relationship, but we do know that tomahawks are one of the most useful tools that survivalists can own. These items are so useful, they’re even used by special forces for breaching doors and for other activities. Some of the best models are equipped with anti-slip handles, are made from high-quality stainless steel, and can be used as either a tomahawk or as a throwing ax.

The SAS Survival Handbook By John “Lofty” Wiseman

Another great prepper gift is the SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman. This is considered by many to be the ultimate guide to survival and it has been recently updated with 100+ new pages of content. This book covers essential survival skills, strategy, camp craft, climate and terrain, urban survivals, surviving natural disasters, health, rescue, and survival on the go. It’s a well-written book that ‘s sure to teach just about any prepper something they didn’t already know.

EDC Backpacks

Don’t know what to buy the prepper in your life? Well, why not buy something that they can always use—an EDC Backpack. EDC backpacks are something that every prepper needs in abundance as there’s no shortage or every-day kits, bug out bags, or survival kits that can be made with them. When buying one of these backpacks, be sure to get one that has features such as it being water-resistant, is equipped with adjustable straps, one that properly transfers the weight of the load over the wearer’s frame, and ones with either an ALICE or a MOLLE design.

Other Useful Prepper Gifts

Although we feel that the above items are a pretty comprehensive list of prepper gifts, we thought that we’d toss a few more suggestions on the list before we retired the guide and called it a day. The following items are the high-ticket gifts that the above items are, but they are items that every prepper can probably use. Therefore, they’re probably the perfect gift.

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