The Armed Forces History Museum carries a number of high quality replicas – great for personal collections and re-enactors.  Please note that some states impose shipping restrictions.  Before placing your order, please review our Shipping Policy.  These items will ship separately.

M1911 – US Government Automatic Military Pistol with US Grip Non Firing Gun
(Post 1898)

This non firing model is a replica of the standard government issue sidearm of the U.S. soldier since 1911.  The M1911 is one of the most infamous pistols of all time with its tremendous stopping power that saved countless soldiers lives for 8 decades.


Length: 8.5″
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Wood Grips
Black Finish


$160.00, M1911 US Government Replica


US WWII M1 Infantry Rifle Non Firing Gun
(Post 1898)

This legendary and dependable rifle made earned its favorable reputation in the hands of U.S. Soldiers and Marines throughout World War II, but especially during the island-hopping campaigns of the Pacific.  With its authentic look and hefty feel – just like the original, this is one of the finest non-firing replicas available.  Made with hard wood stocks, sturdy metal (zinc) and functional parts, this is a premier collector’s replica, perfect for a historical display in your home or office. Note that clip is not functional.


Length: 43″
Weight: 7.75 Lbs



$299.00, US WWII M1 Infantry Rifle


“Russian” AK-47 Assault Rifle Non Firing Gun
(Post 1898)

The AK 47 is the world’s most reliable and efficient assault rifle. Millions of the original are currently in circulation worldwide. This weapon has a distinctive report that GI’s across the globe have come to quickly recognize and respect.

Length: 34″
Weight: 9.5 lbs




$249.00, AK-47 Rifle


Thompson Submachine Gun M1928 Military Version Non-Firing Gun
(Post 1898)

This is perhaps the most recognizable firearm of World War II, made famous by the Airborne Troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. This classic non-firing replica has been out of production for several years and is now returning in the United States. This military model differs from the original commercial model in its 20 round magazine and its horizontal foregrip. Though heavy by today’s standards, the weight helped control the .45 calibur bursts when operated on full-automatic.

Length: 32.5″
Weight: 8.25 lbs




$299.00, Thompson Submachine Gun

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