Pakistan’s Special Ops Forces is known as the Special Service Group and is considered on of the top Special Forces in the world.  They are also known as the Black Storks and the Maroon Berets and go by the codename SSG.  This group has been active since March of 1956 and is authorized in ten different types of missions:

  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Special Recon Missions
  • Direct Action
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Personnel recovery
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Counter-proliferation
  • Special Operations
  • Asymmetric Warfare

This elite force closely resembles the US Army’s Special Forces and the British Army’s SAS.  Roughly 7,000 men are on active duty in Pakistan’s Special Services Group.  The actual number of combat battalions is thought to be ten.  However, due to their top secret operative scope, the actual number is kept highly classified.

Training for the SSG

SSG PakistanOfficers for the SSG are required to have served at least three years in the military.  They also must volunteer from other formations within the SSG for a minimum of three years.  The non-commissioned officers, as well as the enlisted men, must volunteer from other formations and are required to serve permanently with the SSG.

Those training for the SSG must first successfully complete an eight month program consisting of a series of physically challenging courses.  Next, they are required to complete a four week airborne training course.  Once the course is completed and the trainees have completed five day-jumps and three night-jumps, they are issued their commando wings.  In addition, trainees are instructed in hand-to-hand combat.

Additional Information on the SSG

The battalions of the SSG are always on rotation throughout noted “hot spots” or when involved in UN peace keeping operations.  They also provide security to vital areas such as nuclear facilities located in Pakistan.  Any other information on their “covert” operations remains highly classified.

The motto for Pakistan’s Special Ops Forces – Special Service Group – is “Fear is no policy and surrender is no option.”

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