Ever since the first flashlights were first released to the general public around the turn of the 21st century, people have understood the importance of having a flashlight close by—especially when a storm knocks out the power. However, fewer people realize just how handy tactical flashlights can be, except for people working in the military or in law enforcement.

These devices just haven’t fully worked their way into the public’s consciousness yet, but I think that’s about to change. Not just because these items are important everyday carry items, but because the ones developed are better than they’ve ever been. To illustrate my point, I’d like to introduce everyone to the RovyVon GL3 Tactical Flashlight, and the RovyVon GL3 Tactical Flashlight Pro.

The RovyVon GL3 Tactical Flashlight

With a length of 74.33 mm and a height of 33.6mm, and weighing only about 3.35-ounces, the GL3 pistol flashlight is light, easy to carry, and won’t impede the way a person normally fires their weapon. What makes it so light, yet extremely durable, is that it’s made out of aluminum alloy with hard anodization that people can expect to last as long as they need it to last. However, compact size and manageable weight aren’t the only things this tactical flashlight has going for it. It’s also jam-packed with features.

This tactical flashlight has a 16340 650mAh flashlight that can be fully charged in about an hour and a half and provides about an hour of total light. It can be easily charged via USB-C, and it has a light indicator that will breathe blue while charging but will turn solid blue when it’s fully charged. That way, there’s no mistaking when it’s ready to go.

When fully charged, this flashlight will produce a 700 lumens light that can travel approximately 110-meters. This is thanks to its Cree XP-L HI LED light with a smooth reflector. Using its quick-action dual switch, the user can also choose between having it on constantly or just having it on momentarily. This feature gives the user plenty of options.

Because this tactical pistol flashlight has both a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail adapter AND a GL rail adapter, it can fit a lot more weapons than many comparable tactical flashlights that are on the market today. And because this product is waterproof up to the IPX7 standard, it can be used in a variety of different weather conditions.

The RovyVon GL3 Pro Pistol Flashlight

The GL3 Pro pistol flashlight shares a lot of the same features as the GL3 tactical flashlight but there are key differences. This product is also made with a hard-anodized aluminum alloy that’s waterproof up to the IPX7 standard and features both a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail and a GL rail adapter. And it also has a 16340 650mAh battery that can be charged via USB-C and can be charged in about 1.5-hours. What sets it apart, however, is the addition of a few extra features that people might find interesting.

This product is a little bit bigger than the GL3 and is approximately 74.3mm long, and is 50.3mm high. Why does it have an additional height to it? That’s because it’s equipped with a visible green laser. This model not only can be used as a flashlight but its laser can also be used and it can be set to strobe mode. It’s these features that make it even more versatile and capable of being used in a variety of different scenarios.

It’s a product that can be used with the light on momentarily or the light on constantly. It can also be used with the green laser on or with the strobe on. And most importantly, it can be changed from one of these modes to another very quickly. And on a full charge, the 700-lumens flashlight can be used for an hour, and the green laser can be used for approximately 6-hours.

Both of these tactical flashlights come not only with the batteries pre-installed into the flashlights, but they also come with everything needed to get them installed on your gun and ready to be used. They come with a USB-C charging cable, both of the rail adapters, an M2 Allen wrench, an extra O-ring, and of course, the user’s manual.

It can clearly be seen that either of these tactical flashlights will come in handy for a variety of different circumstances. Whether a person needs to use it to illuminate a scene, to protect themselves in threatening situations, or in emergencies, these flashlights are ready to serve.

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