We are launching our Knowledge Base and Support Center!

Dumpling Defense Knowledge Base and Support Center

The Dumpling Defense Knowledge Base and Support Center is your one-stop place for support with Dumpling Defense products and services along with your questions about regulations, purchasing process, etc.

The knowledge base articles and support will initially be in just English but we’re working with translators to support multilingual articles and support specialists.

Interactive FAQ Support

We’ve created some automated chatbots to help out with well-defined FAQs like identifying a handgun or making sure a rifle you’re looking to buy from someone is compliant. As we get more requests, we’re able to automate more and more commonly asked questions.

Chat what a specialist

We understand with ever-changing Federal and California-specific regulations, we want to provide everyone with the most accurate and up-to-date information. If our knowledge base does not have the information you’re looking for, message one of our Specialists your question and we’ll get back to you. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll forward your question to the great lawyers we’ve partnered with to make sure we’re giving you accurate information.

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