Step close and get a sense of the strength of the cold metal on AFHMs authentic, fully restored, fully operational battle tanks, which are prominently displayed throughout the museum.  Get a sense of the combat they endured throughout their service.  Take a moment, put yourself in the turret – feel the power, feel the fear, feel the pride

History of the Tank

The history of tanks used in the military evolved over a period of time.  In the early days of warfare, the vision of protected mobility was limited due to the technology available.  It wasn’t until after the turn of the century that the two were finally able to merge.  In 1904, Austria introduced an armoured vehicle that would provide the foundation for the development of what would eventually develop into the armoured tank.  Military tanks are used throughout several military branches, including the US Army, US Marine Corps and other military groups around the world.

Limitations accompanied this innovative idea of the early 20th century.  Mainly, the vehicle was limited to tracks or terrains that were easy to navigate.  Various designs gave rise to the “caterpillar” track, which allowed more evenly distribution of the weight of the vehicle.  Another benefit offered by this pioneering idea was the added traction it offered as a vehicle.  Once the design for the military tank was refined, along with the United States, various countries – including Great Britain, Germany, USSR, Japan, to name a few – began to develop their own versions.  Introduced during WW I, the use of military tanks was greatly increased during WW II.

From the earliest vision to present day technology, military tanks have continued to evolve to meet the emerging demands of warfare.  Many infamous military tanks have planked our battlefields throughout history and are now available in model form.  Many model enthusiasts enjoy, not only collecting and assembling various tank models, they also appreciate the interaction available to them, via the internet, to share with collectors from around the world.

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