Hunters are notorious for taking every opportunity to try out new tips and/or hacks that will help them get an edge over their game. It doesn’t matter if they’re hunting squirrel, deer, or elk, every hunter wants to improve their odds of bagging their game. To help those hunters towards their goal, we’ve decided to list some of the best hunting hacks that we have ever come across. Although not every hack will apply to every hunter, we feel that most hunters will be able to find at least one tip from below that they can use out in the woods.

Hang Your Tree Stands As Soon As Possible

One of the first tips we want to give our readers has to do with Tree Stands. Many hunters wait to hang their tree stand right before the season starts, which we feel is a mistake. We think a better idea would be to hand the tree stand a month or two before the season starts. That gives it time to lose the human scent that can cascade off tree stands and gives it more time to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Secure Your Tree Stands

While we’re on the subject of tree stands, we probably should emphasize the importance of securing your equipment. One of the worst things that can happen to a hunter that uses a tree stand is to spend months scouting out the perfect location, taking the time to properly set up their equipment, and then return to find out someone has stolen their tree stand.

Tree stand theft is becoming extremely common, so the deer hunter is probably going to want to secure their tree stand with a cable lock and remove any ladders that might lead up to the stand. They may even want to camouflage it to allow it to fit in with the surroundings. While there is no guarantee that the stand won’t still be stolen, these simple safety precautions can deter some of the more common crimes of opportunity that can occur with these stands.

Use Quality Deer Attractants

Many hunters have a good amount of success using quality Deer Attractants. Popular attractants such as Stump Likker, Honey Hole Mix, and She-Heat do a good job of attracting deer to a particular location. Some people also plant tine turnips that deer love munching on—although if hunters use this method, then they’re going to plant it early enough for it to sprout and be useful in time for hunting season.

Another method that can be used to attract deer is the peanut butter jar method. This method involves removing the top of a jar of peanut butter and then screwing it into a tree with a wood screw at a deer’s eye-level. The jar of peanut butter is then threaded back onto the jar’s lid and the bottom is cut out of the peanut butter container. This creates a great DIY deer feeder that deer love.

Hunting Clothes Should Be Put On In The Field

A common mistake that many hunters make is to put on all of their hunting clothing at home. This is a terrible idea because it gives the clothes an opportunity to not only pick up a human scent from everyone in the household, but it also allows them to pick up a pet’s scent or household chemical scents that might also spook a deer if the hunter is downwind of them. A better alternative is to put on hunting clothing only after arriving in the field.

A Sledgehammer Can Be Useful In Frigid Areas

In areas that are cold enough to freeze over creeks, some hunters have had success bringing a sledgehammer out into the field with them. They then use the sledgehammer to crack open some running water, attracting thirsty deer to the area. This works exceptionally well for frozen creeks that are near cornfields or other crop fields. Usually, the does will come in first and the bucks will follow them right after. It’s a great trick for increasing hunting success.

Use Tape Around Some Of Your Tools

If a hunter finds themselves needing duct tape out in the field, but they don’t want to be encumbered by a whole roll of it, then they can simply cut off handy-size pieces of tape and then wind it around their tools. Then when they need a piece of duct tape out in the field, all they have to do is remove a piece of tape.

Turn Water Jugs Into Makeshift Lanterns

A handy trick for getting some ambient light into a tend or a hide while on a hunt is to take a gallon jug of water and strap your headlight to it. The water will diffuse the light in a way that provides a soft ambient glow that’s just bright enough to illuminate a small area.

Make Sure To Cut Shooting Lanes

It’s also important for many hunters to cut shooting lanes that allow them to get an unobstructed bead on a deer when they spot it. Unfortunately, too many hunters try to do themselves and their shooting lanes end up uneven. A better way of cutting lanes is to do it with a friend. One hunter can site from the stand while the other hunter cuts the lanes. This will help prevent under trimming the brush, or even worse, over trimming it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Leave The Stand

Just because a hunter has scouted a location and they’ve put their stand in what they consider the perfect location doesn’t mean that they have to pin the success of their hunt entirely on that stand. After all, things can change that might affect deer patterns, so the hunter has to be ready to adjust their hunting plan to compensate. Sometimes that means having to move their stand to another location, and sometimes it means that the hunter is going to have to come down from their stand and hunt from the ground. The hunter that’s capable of changing their game plan as the need arises has the best chance of bagging a buck.

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