Many military memorabilia collectors today enjoy collecting US Military Patches.  The patches are a favorite due to the wide variety available and the nominal cost involved for most.  Patches also do not require massive space and can be easily organized in binders, small file drawers or displayed in frames.

Getting Started 

When first getting started with collecting any type of war memorabilia, set goals and objectives.  An outline of what you wish to accomplish can assist in keeping you focused.  This is especially important with US Military Patches as there are so many different categories.  One can collect a specific era, a specific branch of the US military, specific unit patches or even foreign military patches.

Find A Story 

For many collector’s, an item’s story – or the story associated with the overall collection – is one of their main focuses.  They don’t just want a collection, they want the history and they desire to preserve it in a most unique fashion.  When adding a specific piece that has ties to a notable person or place, be sure to get as much information as possible and documentation if at all possible.  This will assist with increasing the value of the item and the overall collection.


Whether it is a military patch or military vehicle, a collector purchasing authentic memorabilia should always do so from a credible source.  Research should be done as far as how items are graded for quality.  If ordering on-line, be sure you check the purchases guidelines for returning the item.  Follow the instructions very carefully to ensure your refund.


As mentioned earlier, patches are easily displayed in a number of fashions.  Some collectors organize boxes with a file system while others will create frames, shadow boxes or they categorize the patches in binders.  Noting when the patch was purchased and from whom it was purchased is also important to catalogue.

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