Cold WarPhotos from this era, along with various missiles, are part of the Cold War display at the Armed Forces History Museum.  Panels display various points of interest from the Cold War era, along with uniforms from the USSR military and two recoilless anti-tank guns.  One of the most unique items in this area is the Red Army Vodka bottle and shot glasses complete with wooden case.

A Brief Look at the Cold War

Cold WarBeginning around 1945, the Cold War, receiving its name as it involved no actual military action, involved the powers from the known Western World and those of the communist world.  At the center of the Cold War were weapons of mass destruction – such as the nuclear bomb.  The development of these weapons guaranteed, if implemented, mutual destruction.  The Cold War found the United States and NATO allies heading up the Western world, and the Soviet Union, satellite states and allies heading up the communist world.

Cold WarIn the late 1980s and first part of 1990, economic instability created a need for cut-back in the military spending in the Soviet Union.  However U.S. President Ronald Reagan continued building up U.S. arms, which prevented the USSR from making the necessary cutbacks.  The Soviet Union also began experiencing difficulty with liberal reforms and uprisings and revolutions and by 1991, the USSR collapsed, ending the Cold War.

Military action was never implemented during the Cold War.  However, tensions existed throughout this era – such as those during the Cuban Missile Crisis – that could have easily escalated into a military based war.

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