Since submitting the application for the SJPD firearms retail permit in November 2021, SJPD has been “less than helpful” with issuing the required permit to begin operations.

They have requested numerous additional documents apart from the original list at the beginning of the process.

The latest request is for background checks on my wife and my out-of-state parents. None are either on the FFL or the application. The SJPD does have the authority to request the applicant(s) to “Sign authorization for release of records and information that the Chief of Police considers necessary for a complete investigation” (SJ City Code). However, they do not have the authority or the cause to request background checks, records, or information from anyone else.

Therefore, earlier this week, an official cease and desist letter was sent to the SJPD on behalf of Dumpling Defense from the lawyers at Michel & Associates.

Here’s a copy of the letter with personal information redacted.

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