Regardless of whether the consumer wants to protect themselves against dust or pollen, or are looking to protect themselves against something more insidious, they’re probably going to want to buy the best gas mask available. That’s exactly the reason that we wanted to do an article on gas masks. We wanted our readers to find the best respirators for their needs and that’s capable of protecting them against whatever threats they’re protecting themselves against. What we’ve discovered are some gas masks that we feel quite a few consumers are going to like. So without any further hesitation, let’s jump right into this article.

Quick Summary of the Best Gas Masks

Best Overall: Parcil PD-100 Full-Face Vapor Respirator

Even though this gas mask isn’t suitable for military use or for use by firefighters, it does have some of the features that consumers need it to have. It’s also a good mask for general construction use, for protecting the consumer against pesticides, for mining purposes, for applying paint or for protecting the wearer against viruses and/or bacteria.

This mask is ASTM E2952-17 Certified, comes with easy-to-read English Instructions and comes with a durable breathing valve. It also allows the proper amount of airflow around itself, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about them fogging up.

Another thing that we liked about these masks were their high-density elastic straps. These straps were easy to operate and did a decent job of holding the mask securely to a person’s head, but over time we noticed that it could loosen up a bit and had to be retightened. Even with that being the case, however, we still think that the straps did a decent job.

We also liked the fact that this mask was lightweight and had an ergonomic design that made it easier to wear than other respirators. And it was equipped with a large voice-amplifying diaphragm that allows the wearer to communicate with those around them.

The next thing worth mentioning about these masks is that they come equipped with two P-A1 cartridges. These cartridges are equivalent to N95 face masks, which means that they screen out particles that are 0.03-microns or larger. These cartridges were extremely easy to replace when necessary, as well.

Taking all of these together, with the fact that these masks keep the wearer’s face cool while they’re wearing it, makes it one of the best gas masks available. It’s a product that will filter out a variety of pollutants including dust, gasoline, carbon trichloride, organic vapors, and a lot more. And it’s also a product that’s reasonably priced, so everyone can afford to buy one.

What we liked about it
  • It has impact-resistant lenses.
  • Dual filters are easy to change.

Also Recommended: Muhubaih Full-Face Large Gas Mask

This large respirator has been used by a whole lot of people for a variety of reasons. Some people use it when they clean out furnaces, other people use it for painting purposes, for cleaning, or masonry work. It’s also a gas mask that’s good for sawing or sanding applications, chiseling or for chemical handling.

These masks feature an extremely large field of few and they don’t fog up like traditional respirators tend to do. They’re also equipped with a silicone face seal that allows for comfort and provides a great seal when the mask is worn. And because this mask is made with care, it is also balanced so it won’t pull on the wearer’s face.

Another thing worth mentioning about these masks is that they’re equipped with a bayonet connection that should be easy to use in theory but turned out to be a bit more work than it should’ve been. While we were replacing the filters on this mask, we noticed that it took a few moments of messing around with them to get the filters in with a reliable seal. It wasn’t extremely difficult, it just wasn’t the plug n’ play method that we thought it was going to be. As we said, it’s certainly not a big deal, but it is something that consumers need to think about.

The next thing we’d like to talk about is how well this mask was designed, even though it’s a budget mask. This product costs less than some other gas masks, but its build quality wasn’t poor at all. It had a 4-point harness system, a full reuseable faceplate, and is made from a quality thermoplastic elastomer that makes it durable but flexible as well.

All of this simply means that this is a great value face mask that many consumers are going to appreciate. We knew that our experience with them was generally positive, so we could easily recommend them to anyone who needs a gas mask.

What we liked about it
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • It’s reasonably priced.

Also Consider: Yinshome Gas Mask With Dual Filter Cartridges

Even though this mask would most likely be placed in the respirator mask category and not the gas mask category, it’s build quality is close enough to a gas mask that we can place it on this list in the budget model category. It’s a product that seems to be well designed from the ground up, is pretty durable for a mask in its price range, and does provide the user with some respiration protection as well as eye protection. Although we would’ve liked this product better if it had a face shield instead of just goggles, we still thought that it was a good product that will suit the needs of most consumers.

This gas mask comes with a respirator mask, a couple of filters, an exhalation valve and a pair of protective goggles. When used together, this setup can be used for protecting the user against a variety of contaminants including organic vapors and/or gasses, alcohol, chlorine benzene and pesticides. It can also protect the user against polish, paints and other types of industrial chemicals. And because this model is equipped with high-density straps, it does not only stay on the user’s face, but it also helps to set up an airtight seal that will help protect the user from outside contaminants.

The whole mask has a very ergonomic design that’s lightweight and easy to wear, and the goggles are made to be impact resistant. This product is made using high-grade silicone and its filters are activated carbon filters. Some of the additional features that can be found on this gas mask include a breathing valve and a dual cartridge system.

Even though this gas mask won’t provide the level of protection that premium, and more expensive, gas masks provide, it will suit the needs of many consumers. We feel that this is a low-cost but quality product that some people are going to want to try out for themselves.

What we liked about it
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It works extremely well.

Choosing The Best Gas Masks

Regardless of whether the consumer needs a mask for protecting themselves while they work or while they’re performing a job around the home, they are going to want to buy the best gas mask available. That’s also true if they intend on buying a mask to pack into their bug out bag or one that they keep in a home emergency kit. That’s why we’ve gone through the trouble of not only trying to locate the best masks available but also write this guide—a guide that will help all of our readers find the perfect mask for their personal or professional needs. Let’s get started and dig into gas masks a little bit deeper.

Reasons For Owning A Gas Mask

Before we get into how to find the best gas mask, however, we would like to take a few moments to tell our readers why they are probably going to need a gas mask at some point in their lives. These masks are suitable for a variety of different jobs, as can be seen from our list below.

Reasons Why A Gas Mask Might Be Needed:

  • To protect against smoke from wildfires.
  • To protect protesters against tear-gas and/or pepper spray.
  • To protect against the smoke of burning trash or leaves.
  • To protect against dust while cleaning.
  • For protection against black mold and other types of molds or mildews.
  • Biological outbreaks or epidemics.
  • Dust and particulates from natural disasters.

And that’s only a small selection of some of the reasons why a consumer might want to buy a gas mask. If we sat down for a little while, we could probably come up with a dozen more. The point of the matter is that these gas masks are extremely useful and every home should have at least one pair.

Step One: Choose The Type Of Gas Mask Needed

The first step in choosing a quality gas mask is to decide on whether a Full-face gas mask is needed or if a partial face gas mask is acceptable. Both of these two types of masks are useful for certain situations, but they both have their drawbacks in other situations. Therefore, the consumer needs to think about the purpose of the gas mask before they decide on one over another.

Full Face Gas Masks

These gas masks not only cover the mouth, nose, and eyes, but it covers the entire face with a face shield. These are the types of gas masks that are used for nuclear, biological, and chemical needs. If the mask is intended for those purposes, the consumer should make sure that it’s either NBC or CBRN certified. NBC certification means that it’s effective against nuclear, biological or chemical threats. CBRN certification means that it’s effective against chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear. Of course, most gas masks that meet those certifications are quite expensive.

Half Face Respirators

These types of gas masks don’t provide the same amount of protection as a full-face gas mask, but they do tend to be less expensive and good for a variety of other jobs. These masks are often used for protecting the user against chemicals or dust that can come from cleaning, painting, or doing other types of projects. This is usually good enough protection for most home projects and for some industrial projects.

Step Two: Make Sure The Filters Are Easy To Change

Regardless of which gas mask the consumer chooses, they’re going to want to make sure that it not only comes with filters but that the filters they use are easy to obtain. Fortunately, this is fairly easy since most gas masks use standard filters. It’s also a good idea for the consumer to think about how easy the filters are to change. After all, no one wants to have to wrestle with the replacement of the filters in an emergency.

Step Three: Consider A Few Final Details

Don’t worry, we’re almost done with our coverage of how to buy the best gas mask. There are only a few more features that we’d like to discuss before we end this article and allow our readers to go ahead and purchase a gas mask they like. Although the inclusion or exclusion of the following features doesn’t make or break a gas mask, they may make the gas mask easier to use. Let’s examine some of these features, so our readers can decide whether or not they need a gas mask that has one or more of them.

Extra Features To Consider:

  • Compatibility with hydration systems.
  • Compatibility with certain optic systems.
  • The inclusion of a speech diaphragm.
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