Any hunter who has ever used a crossbow knows just how useful these hunting tools are. A crossbow is always cocked and ready to shoot on a moment’s notice, is easier to stabilize than a bow and work exceptionally well when they’re paired with great optics. With the purchase of the proper scope, the hunter can improve their hunting accuracy a whole lot. That’s why we’ve decided to spend some of our time reviewing and discussing the best crossbow scopes available. Thanks to the following optics, the crossbow will not only become a better hunting instrument, but it will also be better for target shooting as well.

Quick Summary of the Best Crossbow Scopes

Best Overall: UTG 4×32 1-Inch Pro Crossbow Scope

This crossbow scope is designed for hunters who want an extremely accurate scope for hunting but don’t want to beak their budget to buy it. This model is half the costs of many of the so-called professional crossbow scopes and it’s built on a platform that’s designed with Smart Spherical Structure, which increases its accuracy dramatically.

This scope is approximately 208mm long and weighs only 12.3-ounces, but it is capable of making anyone a lethal crossbow hunter. It’s all because this model features a professional 5-step red/green reticle, variable velocity compensation, and 5-horizontally calibrated lines that are designed to help the shooter with quick aiming at 10,20,30, 40 and 50-yard distances.

Because this scope is equipped with a broadband lens coating, it’s capable of delivering one of the brightest image transmission available among hunting optics that work well with the lenses’ large field of view. This scope also features zero lockable and resettable target turrets that allow for proper elevation and windage adjustments in the field.

This crossbow scope features an objective lens size of 32mm, tube diameter of 1-inch, and a 4x magnification level. It has a 27.2-foot field of view at 100-yards, an eye relief of approximately 3.8-inches, and has a 1/4-inch click value at 100-yards.

The above features aren’t the only ones that can be found on this scope. They also feature a side-wheel that gives the user control over the illumination of the red/green reticle. This allows the hunter to adjust the brightness level on the fly, so they can compensate for varying light conditions out in the field.

This scope is also equipped with a flip-open lens cap that protects the lens when it’s not in use. Just keep in mind that the lens cap needs to be lifted before sighting an animal because it does make an audible sound when it’s flipped up. Consumers should also keep in mind that this scope might require some time to sight in. However, we think that’s minor because once this scope is zeroed in, it’s one of the most accurate scopes we’ve seen.

What we liked about it
  • It is a reasonably priced scope.
  • It’s remarkably accurate.

Also Recommended: MA3TY 300 FPS 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope

This scope comes with two scope rings, two flip-open lens caps, two batteries, a wrench, a cleaning cloth, and a detailing manual. It has a tube diameter of 1.18-inches, a length of 8.27-inches, and is made out of quality aluminum. It’s a parallax-free scope, with a multi-coated lens that helps to eliminate glare and improve clarity.

The scope has a weight of approximately 15.8-ounces, so it’s heavier than some other crossbow scopes, but it is designed to be durable. It’s designed to be waterproof up to 19.7-inches in water and to be impact resistant up to 1,000G. And because it’s nitrogen sealed as well, it’s also a scope that’s fog proof.

This scope features a wide-angle image that’s not only clear but also bright as well, and because it’s equipped with a large eye-relief, the hunter can bring the scope quickly up to their eye to shoot only fly. This scope is adjustable between 300 FPS and 425 FPS, although we did feel that the FPS setting left a lot to be desired. We felt that it was sometimes difficult to adjust the FPS, especially when we needed to do it on the fly. That just means that it’s not a zoomable scope in any sense of the word, but even so, it’s still a quality crossbow sight that works well and does a decent job.

What we found exceptional about this scope was the scope’s red/green reticle. It’s easy to sight in low light conditions and is easy to use out in the field. Another thing worth commenting on is that this scope has a scope cover that flips up or down and helps to protect the scope’s lens.

These scopes have a magnification level of 1.5-5x, have a 32mm objective diameter, and use a ballistic reticle. Regardless of whether the consumer is looking for a scope for shooting targets or for shooting deer, this scope is designed to provide them with the speed of sighting and accuracy that they’ve been searching for in a scope.

What we liked about it
  • Adjustable for speeds between 300 & 425 FPS.
  • This scope has good clarity.

Also Consider: Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5×32 IR Crossbow Scope

Hawke is a company that proudly states that they didn’t invent crossbow scopes, they merely perfected them. We wanted to see if that was indeed the case and if these scopes were as good as the company says they are. So we decided to give it a go and see how it worked.

The first thing that we noticed about these scopes is that they’re expensive, they certainly do have the premium price going for them. However, once we got over the shock of their initial price tag, we noticed that their scopes were pretty good. They might not be the best crossbow scopes, but they come pretty close.

These scopes are equipped with optics that are built from the ground up to provide excellent clarity to the shooter. What makes their optics so special? They’re special because they’re 1-inch optics that are coated with eleven different coatings to ensure excellent light transmission, improve clarity and reduce glare. And because it’s a mono-tube chassis, the consumer can rest assured that these scopes are as strong as they are clear.

Other things worth mentioning about these scopes are that they have a glass-etched reticle that is equipped with red/green illumination, and a rheostat that can be adjusted to one of 5 different levels of brightness, thereby ensuring the hunter can sight their prey in a variety of low-light conditions.

This scope’s reticle is designed to offer the aim points that the hunter needs. it offers aim points in ten-yard intervals that go from 20 yards up to 100 yards. And because this scope has a speed selector range that can be set from 250 to 425 FPS, then it can fit a wider array of crossbows than cheaper scope models. It also should be mentioned that these scopes feature an eye-bell that allows for a quicker focus time than other scopes.

What we liked about it
  • This is a high-performance crossbow scope.
  • Delivers excellent light transmission.

A Guide To Crossbow Scopes

Although we feel that any hunter and or target shooter will enjoy any of the above crossbow scopes, we do understand if our readers want to select something different. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write up this guide. We hope that this guide will give the consumer the information they need to buy not only the best crossbow scope in general but the one that’s best for them. Let’s get started with one of the most important considerations for any consumer to think about when buying a new scope for their crossbow, and that’s the size and weight of the scope.

Step One: Consider Crossbow Size & Weight

I’m sure there are going to be plenty of crossbow enthusiasts who don’t feel that the size and weight of the scope should be the first thing for consumers to think about, but we do feel that it’s an appropriate place to start. Why? Well, because the size and weight of the scope can have a dramatic effect on how the shooter acquires targets. If the scope is excessively long or heavy, then it can interfere with the shooter’s performance.

Unfortunately, as would be expected, as the magnification level of the scope increases, so does its size, so consumers do have to weigh that against the size of the scope. What the consumer is going to want to do therefore, is choose a scope that’s just long enough to deliver the magnification level they need and nothing more. It’s also a good idea to get the lightest scope available.

Step Two: Let’s Consider Scope Magnification

Once again, some hunters will wonder why we decided to next talk about the magnification of the scope, but once again, we feel that it’s vital to its performance. Scopes are available in either Variable Power or Fixed Power models, and each one of these work differently. For example, a fixed power scope offers a magnification level up to 6x, but the user can’t cycle through them to achieve the one they want. Variable power models, on the other hand, can have its magnification levels cycled to deal with the consumer’s needs at any given moment.

All of this may sound confusing, but it’s not. If the hunter is going to be shooting game from a distance of 45 yards or under, then they may want to get a fixed power scope. However, if they need to shoot game from a distance of over 45 yards, then they will probably want a variable power scope. As we briefly mentioned in the last section, it should be noticed that as magnification levels increase, so do the size of the scope.

Step Three: Now Let’s Talk About The Scope’s Lens

The next thing that should be considered is the scope’s lenses. Generally speaking, the consumer is going to want to choose a scope that provides them with the best view possible. Therefore, the lens should be coated in special coatings that help to increase light transmission, decrease glare and help the consumer achieve more visual clarity. The consumer is probably also going to want to make sure that the scope has a red/green reticle on it with an adjustable rheostat. This will enable the user to use the scope in a variety of conditions, even in low-light conditions.

Step Four: Eye Relief Is Also Important

The next thing to consider is the scope’s eye relief. For those readers of ours who are unfamiliar with the term eye relief, it means that the distance the hunter can hold the end of the scope away from their eye and still get a good view. Most scopes have their eye relief measured in either millimeters or imperial inches, for quick reference. If a scope has an eye relief of three inches, that means that the consumer can keep the scope away from their eye that distance and still see through it. Every hunter is going to have his or her preference when determining the eye relief they need, so we can’t recommend what’s distance is the best. What we will say, however, is that if the consumer wears glasses, then they will probably want to make sure they get one a suitable amount of eye relief available to them.

Step Five: Put It All Together

Now that we’ve gone over the main features of buying the best crossbow scope, it’s time to turn our attention to a few other details the consumer might want to consider before purchasing their new scope. Below are some of the things that should be considered that will improve the performance and accuracy of any crossbow scope they’re found on.

Other Scope Features Worth Considering:

  • Waterproof or weather-resistant design
  • A fog proof design.
  • Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • The crossbow’s mounting system.
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