During the Middle Ages, archers would spend years learning how to properly shoot their longbows. That’s because it can be difficult to stabilize a bow to make an accurate shot. It not only requires upper body strength but also fine motor control. Fortunately, archers no longer have to spend so much time stabilizing their bows if they use a bow stabilizer. A stabilizer for a bow is a weighted rod that prevents large movements while the archer is aiming the bow. It’s a piece of equipment that makes the bow easier to use and makes for a more accurate shot. That’s why we’ve concluded that we wanted to do a review of some of the best bow stabilizers that can currently be purchased.

Quick Summary of the Best Bow Stabilizers

Best Overall: Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Stabilizer

Even though this bow stabilizer might seem like overkill to some people, for us it was the perfect solution for our bow stabilization needs. When the hunter is out in the woods and is looking to get the best shot off possible, they want a stabilizer that’s capable of making that happen and this one is the one that’s best suited for that purpose. It uses a Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and a Sims De-Resonator that also helps to minimize the vibrations that occur through the riser and onto the stabilizer when an arrow has been released. And because this stabilizer consists of three 1-ounce weights, the consumer has plenty of customization options available to them when they use it.

This stabilizer comes in one of several different colors. The consumer can choose black, Mossy Oak Camo, Realtree Camo, or pink. Although most of these color variations were fine, we didn’t think that the camo designs were well done and they seemed to be kind of faded. It’s not a big deal to use, but we can certainly appreciate that it might be a big deal to some people, which is why we’re mentioning it. Of course, the black bow stabilizer looks quite good and is worth checking out, so if the consumer is concerned about it, then they can simply choose a black stabilizer for their bow.

Everything considered we feel that this product is one of the best bow stabilizers available. It looks like it’s made according to exacting specifications, isn’t too heavy that it can’t be taken easily out into the field, and it should provide the user with years of service. However, the best thing about this product is that it does what it’s designed to do–which is to stabilize the bow. With this equipped, our shots were easier to line up and were more accurate. Anyone who is looking to achieve similar results might want to also give this product a try.

What we liked about it
  • Stabilizes bow perfectly.
  • It is easy to remove from the bow.

Also Recommended: NAP Black Apache Stabilizer

When it comes to products that not only stabilize a bow but also silences it, the consumer has quite a few options available to them. There are stabilizers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations that promise to give the archer not only the stability they need but also silences it quite well. And one of the products that seem to be full of promises is this one from Apache. It’s a product that we liked the look of, so we decided to give it a try and see if it kept all of the promises that it made. What we’ve discovered is that it kept most of its promises quite well, although there were some things that we would’ve wished it had done better.

The first thing worth mentioning is that this product is available in a couple of different colors and sizes. Consumers can choose either a black or camo 5-inch model or an 8-inch model. For some people, the 8-inch model might be too big, but we felt that it was perfect for our purposes, so that’s the one we selected. We realized that it came with a removable 3-inch long carbon fiber accessory bar that was 2-ounces and helped the bow keep its balance. We also felt that the construction of this bow stabilizer was quite good, and it should last for quite a long time if it’s properly cared for.

The next thing that we realized was that while this bow stabilizer did a good overall job of keeping the bow stable, it wasn’t the best one we’ve tried. It just wasn’t front-loaded enough for our particular needs, but we still feel that it did an adequate job. Another thing that we noticed is that it didn’t completely silence the bow. It silenced it a bit, but there was still that distinctive sound when we released an arrow from the vibration of the unit. If we had to give this bow stabilizer a grade, we’d probably say that it earned a solid C+ or B-. It’s still a good bow stabilizer for the money, but it doesn’t quite deliver on all of its promises.

What we liked about it
  • It seems like a well-built stabilizer.
  • It does silence the bow a bit.

Also Consider: SAS Archery Aluminum Stabilizer

Of all of the bow stabilizers we’ve reviewed, it appears to be one of the heaviest ones we’ve tested. It’s approximately 8-inches long and it only weighs just over 6-ounces. This means that it does do a great job of stabilizing the bow, but it might be too heavy for some people, especially if they intend on a long day of hunting. It’s also probably not a good choice for consumers who only need a small amount of counterweight to properly balance the bow. What we did like, however, was that this bow stabilizer was made out of aluminum and it appears to be well made.

Another thing that impressed up about this stabilizer was that it also looked good as well. It had a classic black look and style that complemented the look of just about any bow it was placed upon. And because it has a universal design, it can be placed upon just about any modern bow the user has. All of this adds up to a high-performance stabilizer that works well for short hunts or for hunting from a tree stand. This product also provides a bit of noise dampening, although it didn’t do as good of a job in this category as we thought that it would. What does all of this mean when tallied together? It means that it’s not the best one available, but it will provide most hunters with the performance they need to get a drop on their next buck.

What we liked about it
  • It seems to be very well made.
  • Silences the shot a little bit.

The Archer’s Guide To Bow Stabilizers

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best bow stabilizers available—models that we feel will benefit the archer the most—we’ve decided to continue this discussion by talking about doing a more in-depth dive into this piece of equipment. Having said that, let’s talk about the benefits of bow stabilizers before we move on to what to look for in the best stabilizers.

The Benefits Of Using A Bow Stabilizer

Since not everyone who is reading this article might be familiar with the benefits of using a bow stabilizer, we thought that we’d add this section to this guide so everyone is completely familiar with the usefulness of these stabilizers.

They Improve Stability & Accuracy

As their name suggests, the main purpose of a bow stabilizer is to stabilize the hunter’s bow. They do this by adding forward weight to the bow, so the front of the bow doesn’t tilt up when it’s drawn back. The heavier the weight of the stabilizer, the more stable it is, although too heavy of weight might prematurely fatigue the hunter during long hunts. These stabilizers also increase the accuracy of the shots because they reduce the micro-movements that can occur while pulling back the bowstring. And as any hunter knows, even the smallest twitch can destroy the accuracy of the shot–especially for shots 60+ yards away.

Bow Stabilizers Help Reduce Noise

Another benefit that the hunter can receive from using a bow stabilizer is a reduction in noise. The best bow stabilizers reduce noise as they absorb vibration. This prevents the game from getting hearing the string being pulled back and being alerted to the hunter’s presence.

Bow Stabilizer Absorb Excess Vibration

Because bow stabilizers absorb excess vibration, they help to prevent the user’s hands from becoming sore and will also reduce the recoil of the shot. This might not seem like much, but over time, it can make a huge difference.

Choosing The Best Bow Stabilizer

The next thing that we’d like to talk about in this guide is the features that the bowhunter should look for when they’re purchasing a new bow stabilizer. By keeping the following features in mind, the bowhunter will be able to choose the perfect stabilizer for their needs and one that’s going to suit their needs.

Choose The Right Size

The first thing that bowhunters should think about is the length of the stabilizer. The length of the stabilizer has a direct correlation to its performance. The longer the stabilizer, the more stability the stabilizer imparts on the bow. For most game hunters, a 5-inch to 8-inch stabilizer is more than suitable for hunting game at a distance of 20 to 50 yards. However, if the hunter needs to hunt in the 40 to 50-yard range, then they’re probably going to want to choose a stabilizer that’s in the 8-inch to 12-inch range. And if the archer needs distance, for sport target shooting for instance, then they might want to get a stabilizer in the 12-inch to 30-inch range.

Consider The Stabilizer’s Construction

The next thing the consumer might want to think about is what the stabilizer is made out of. The best stabilizers feature aluminum construction that holds up well to frequent use. Of course, not all stabilizers are made from aluminum and there are other quality options available such as carbon fiber.

Other Options To Consider

There are a few other options to consider when choosing your next bow stabilizer. We’ve included a few of them below so all of our readers can decide if they should factor them into their final purchasing decision. With that being said, let’s go ahead and list these features below.

  • Rear Back Bars
  • V-Bars
  • Design & Color Of The Stabilizer
  • Removable Weight Options

One Last Thing…

The decision to choose a bow stabilizer is a personal one and we acknowledge that not everyone is going to want or need a stabilizer for their bow. And that’s alright. This guide was written for those archers and bowhunters who wanted to improve their shot and get better results from their bow. We hope that this guide has served those readers well and have given them the options they need to make the best decision. As we’ve discovered from our review of these devices, bow stabilizers might seem like simple devices, but they do make a huge impact on the user. We’ve found our bow to be more stable, to be quieter and to be easier to use thanks to our bow stabilizer. We certainly hope that our readers achieve comparable results.

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