Every responsible gun owner knows that storing their guns in a safe is the best way to go. Storing a gun in a safe prevents unauthorized access to the weapons and gives their owner peace of mind. This is probably why more and more people are investing in these quality safes. Unfortunately, some of these safes for firearms make it hard for the gun owner to get to their weapons in a hurry, such as when someone is breaking into their home. Good thing that there is a kind of safe that does store guns securely and is easy to access in a hurry and that product is a biometric safe. The best biometric gun safes are easy to use, secure, and always give their owners the quick access they might need. That’s why we’ve decided to take a little bit of time to write more about these amazing products.

Quick Summary of the Best Biometric Gun Safes

Best Overall: Veri-Safe Smart Gun Safe

Even though this product looks like a nondescript black box, it’s one of the best biometric gun safes currently available. It’s a product that’s jam-packed with features and has a nice look to it that allows it to fit into the decor of any room. This safe has an exterior size of approximately 17.4×16.1×7.9-inches and has an interior size of 17.1×11.8×7.3-inches. That gives the gun owner 0.85 cubic feet of storage space, which is sufficient for most people.

This safe also features a 4mm front-opening safe door, 14-gauge safe walls, 20mm motorized locking bolts, and even mounting holes in the bottom and back so that it can be mounted to discourage theft.

The sturdiness of this safe would be enough to make it a great product to secure firearms, but it’s special features are what takes it to the next level. The first feature we would like to examine is this safe’s fingerprint sensor. Unlike other safes that only use a portion of the person’s fingerprint to make an identification to open it, this one has one of the largest fingerprint sensors available. And since it’s larger, it requires a larger portion of the person’s fingerprint to make a positive impression, and that prevents thieves from being able to circumvent this product’s defenses. It’s such a great fingerprint sensor, it’s one of the only FBI-Certified sensors of its kind.

All of the features mentioned so far are capable of helping the consumer keep their firearms safe, but this product takes it to the next level with its multiple alert systems. For example, this safe has an open-door alert that will sound if the gun owner fails to shut and lock their safe.

This product is also capable of self-diagnostics ensures its batteries are still functional. Another feature found on this safe includes timestamped and logged tamper alerts that log opening attempts, backup key access, and whether an attempt to reset the safe has been initiated. Other features include the ability to store 40 fingerprints, an auto-lock feature, and an LED night light feature. And it’s also capable of operating for years on only 4 AA batteries.

What we liked about it
  • It features an FBI-certified fingerprint detector.
  • This safe is secure and made of high-quality steel.
 Also Recommended: Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

This biometric gun safe might not be one of the largest ones available, but we think that it’s going to be large enough for most people. This product has interior dimensions of 11×5.75×2-inches, which is large enough to store one full-size firearm and magazines, or 2-small guns and magazines.

This product is also easy to mount, so consumers can place it wherever they want. Now that we’ve stated its size, portability, and ability to be mounted so that it can’t be carried off, it’s time to talk about all of the security features that can be found in this safe. And trust us when we say that this safe does provide the user’s firearms with a lot of protection.

The first line of defense that any firearm safe has its exterior and this one has a pretty sturdy construction that it can boast about. It’s made with 16-gauge carbon steel that’s been powder-coated. This means that this safe will not only resist attempts to get into it, but it will keep it’s a good look at the same time.

Something else that’s impressive about this biometric firearm safe is that it is also equipped with reinforcing structures that help the safe maintain its integrity even if it’s being aggressively attacked by a thief. These reinforcing features include anti-pry reinforcement bars, interior mounted hinges, a design that doesn’t contain any welds that can be exploited, and it also has dual anti-impact latches, too.

The heart of any biometric safe, however, is its fingerprint scanner, and this one is capable of storing up to 20 fingerprints at a time. Unfortunately, as well made as the rest of the safe is, the biometric scanner is its weak point. Although we didn’t find that it ever let in anyone it wasn’t supposed to let in, it sometimes took several attempts for it to recognize the fingerprints of an authorized owner.

This makes getting into the safe a little bit slower than it should be, which might be a concern for people who feel like they need to access their firearms quickly. Having stated that, however, we still feel that this is one of the most secure biometric gun safes available and worth installing in a home.

What we liked about it
  • Made of high-quality steel.
  • Has been equipped with multiple anti-theft features.

Also Consider: BILLCONCH Smart Pistol Safe

This biometric gun safe might not be the toughest around and it might not have the features of other biometric pistol safes, but we feel that it’s still a good model that many people are going to enjoy. The first thing that we like about it is its inexpensive price tag. It’s anywhere from 30% to 50% cheaper than comparable safes, but that price reduction doesn’t mean that it’s a lower quality safe. Quite the contrary, this model is made out of 16-gauge carbon steel that’s been powder-coated for durability. It also a safe that’s large enough to hold a pistol and some magazines or other things the consumer needs to keep secure.

This safe has a size of 11.4×7.5×2.4-inches, which is large enough to store two small pistols, and its interior is padded to help keep those firearms safe while they’re in it. This model also has a rechargeable battery that can be used to open the safe up at least 5,000-times before it needs to be recharged again. And because it has an LED keypad, the user can have a backup combination for the safe, if they so desire.

Additional features found on this product include a fingerprint sensor, built-in LED lights and an anti-cut steel wire that can be used to mount the safe in a vehicle. All of these features make this a great budget biometric pistol safe that some consumers are truly going to love using.

What we liked about it
  • This is an inexpensive pistol safe.
  • It’s durable and protects the firearm well.

The Gun Owner’s Guide To Biometric Safes

Looking over some of the best biometric gun safes available, it’s easy to see why they’re quickly becoming a popular option. These safes keep pistols out of the reach of children and/or thieves, but are easy to get into when the gun owner needs to get into them. Before buying one of these safes, however, the consumer is going to need to pay attention to their options. That’s because not every gun safe is right for the gun owner. How it’s going to be used and its security level is just two of the things that gun owners are going to have to think about before purchasing one of these safes.

To help our readers decide among our top biometric gun safes, or choose a different one that they might want, we’ve decided to write this guide. This guide is designed to help gun owners navigate the features and the pitfalls of biometric gun safes, so the consumer can buy the one that best serves their needs. We’re going to go over most of the elements found on the average gun safe and mention the ones that the consumer needs to pay attention to when they’re purchasing a new safe.

The Safe’s Metal Is Its First Line Of Defense

One of the very first things that the gun owner is going to want to pay attention to is the construction of the safe walls and doors. Consumers want to make sure that the safe is made of carbon steel and has a sufficient thickness to prevent the safe from being cracked open. As a general rule, the walls of the safe should be anywhere from 10-14 gauge to make it a sturdy gun safe. And since the door is most likely the point that thieves are going to try to exploit to open, it should be anywhere from 9-gauge to 11-gauge for best results. Since not all manufacturers put the metal’s gauge in their descriptions, we’ve placed some of the more common metal gauges and their thickness in inches.

Safe Wall & Door Thickness According To Gauge

  • 9-Gauge is equal to 0.1495-inches
  • 10-Gauge is equal to 0.1345-inches
  • 11-Gauge is equal to 0.1196-inches
  • 12-Gauge is equal to 0.1046-inches
  • 13-Gauge is equal to 0.0897-inches
  • 14-Gauge is equal to 0.0747-inches

Consider Additional Reinforcing Features

Once the consumer has purchased a safe with the proper metal walls and door, it’s now time for them to turn their attention to some of the safe’s reinforcing features. Some of the best biometric gun safes available reinforce the parts that thieves have been known to exploit—such as hinges or parts of the door. After all, it doesn’t matter what material the safe is made out of if the thief can just drop the safe to break the hinges or use a pry bar on the door. Therefore, the consumer might want to consider safes that have at least some of the following reinforcing features.

Common Reinforcing Features:

  • Locking bolts
  • Recessed doors that resist prying
  • Concealed hinges
  • Anti-impact latches
  • One-piece construction without welds
  • Anti-pry bars

Consider Backup Door Locks

The gun owner is also going to want to consider how the safe is opened. Since this guide is discussing biometric gun safes, safes are obviously going to have a fingerprint scanner. This scanner should be able to quickly identify the owner’s fingerprint and should also be capable of storing several different people’s fingerprints. A fingerprint scanner shouldn’t be the only way for the gun owner to open the safe, however. They should also consider backup security features they can use if their scanner fails for some reason.

One of the most common backup features is the ability to open the safe with a key, but the consumer should keep in mind that if they choose a safe that can be opened with a key as a backup, then that lock is going to be the weak point of the safe and will be what the thief is most likely to exploit. Another type of backup is a keypad combination, which provides good defense without providing a point that can be exploited.

Some Final Gun Safe Features To Think About

We’ve already covered some of the security features that can be found on most biometric gun safes, so we wanted to now spend some time discussing some of the other features that consumers might want to consider. The following features are ones that either add to the security of the safe or make it easier to use, so consumers might want to think about whether they need them or not before purchasing a new safe for their firearms.

  • Anti-theft cables for vehicle storage
  • Open-door alerts
  • Jammed door bolt lock alerts
  • Concealed key slots
  • Interior LED lighting

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