Austria’s Steyr AUG assault rifle is probably the most incongruously designed weapons in history.  Production on the Steyr began in 1978 and has continued through present day.  This assault rifle is the standard small arm of the Austrian Bundesheer as well as other national police unit.  This rifle and its many variants are used by armed forces throughout the world and is considered one of the top rifles of the military.

Step back in time as you step into the Firearms and Ordnance Gallery at the Armed Forces History Museum.  Witness an array of  weapons and feel their power.  Represented in this gallery are authentic weapons from around the world dating throughout history.  The oldest piece on display is a very rare bayonet from the Revolutionary War.

Steyr AUG Design

The Steyr is a bull-pup rifle with a conventional gas piston operated action which fires from a closed bolt.  The rifle can easily adapt to a number of roles by changing out the barrel.  The trigger can produce a semi-automatic fire when it is pulled halfway and when pulled all the way to the rear, the trigger produces fully automatic fire.  The Steyr also features a safety mechanism located above the hand grip, which when located in the ‘safe’ position, mechanically disables the trigger.

The AUG as a 30 round capacity (can use an extended 42 round) fed from a transparent, double-column box magazine.  The Steyr AUG assault rifle comes with a number of standard accessories, including the following:

  • Four magazines
  • Muzzle cap
  • Spare bolt for left-handed shooters
  • Blank-firing adaptor
  • Cleaning kit
  • Sling
  • Bayonet
    • American M7 (or)
    • German KCB-77 M1


Several variants of the Steyr AUG have emerged since its initial design, including a semi-automatic rifle known as the AUG P.  Production on the AUG Para variant began in 1988 and also continues into present day.  The standard AUG rifle is 31.1 inches in length and weighs 7.9 lbs.  The Para is 26.2 inches long, weighs 7.3 lbs.  Both can and can fire 680 to 750 rounds per minute with an effective range of 980 feet and a maximum range of 8,900 feet.

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