A lot of people spend a considerable amount of time considering the type of firearms they want to buy or what type of ammunition they might need for the said firearm, but few people give their firearm accessories much thought. And if they do, then they end up spending their money on the wrong accessories for their pistol or rifle. That’s why we’ve decided to talk about some of the accessories that preppers, survivalists and gun enthusiasts might want to consider.

Prioritizing Gun Accessory Purchases

We decided to write this guide because we know that many preppers have a limited amount of time and money for purchasing accessories for their firearms, so they need to make sure that they spend their money on accessories that will provide them with a benefit.

One of the primary rules of prepping is KISS—which for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, means Keep It Simple Stupid. And that’s precisely what we advise our readers to do. Sure, we’ve seen people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on optics for their handgun, when they’d be better off buying a Pistol Light, a Laser Sight, or even just using plain old iron sights.

In this guide, we’re going to give our opinion on what we feel are the best firearm accessory purchases for preppers. Yes, we know that’s a bit of a controversial topic, and each person has their own opinion on the subject, but we are confident that the following recommendations will help out most of our readers. And of course, anyone who disagrees with us can simply not buy the accessories recommended or buy something different.

The Pistol Light

In our opinion, the pistol light is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a pistol owner can own, second only to the iron sights found on the gun. The best Pistol Lights are easy to use and direct a  powerful enough beam of light in the direction the gun is pointing to illuminate a potential target. However, since not all of these pistol lights are the same, the gun owner is going to want to make sure that they keep the following points in mind when buying one.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pistol Light:

  • Will The Light Fit Your Gun Model?
  • How Bright Is The Beam In Lumens?
  • How Heavy Is The Light?
  • Will The Light Fit Into Your Holster?
  • Can It Be Operated While Maintaining A Pistol Grip?
  • Does It Use Disposable Or Rechargeable Batteries?
  • Does It Have A Strobe Light Feature?
  • Does It Have A Laser Sight Feature?

The Laser Sight

Although we’re not big proponents of laser sighting, it is popular enough that we felt we could include it on our list. After all, we do understand how useful this piece of equipment is after handling pistol lights that were equipped with laser sights. However, as is the case with the common pistol light, there are good laser sights and bad laser sights, so it’s up to the gun owner to differentiate between the two. With that said, below are some things that the gun owner can ask to find out if a particular Laser Sight is right for them.

Things To Consider When Buying A Laser Sight:

  • Will The Sight Fit Your Gun?
  • Do You Need A Green Or Red Laser Sight?
  • Can It Be Operated Easily With A Pistol Grip?
  • How Easy Is It To Replace Or Recharge Its Batteries?

The Shoulder Holster

A good Shoulder Holster keeps a pistol secured against the gun owner’s body, doesn’t bind or cut off the wearer’s circulation, and gives the wearer easy access to their firearm. That’s why many gun owners have at least one shoulder holster in their gun accessory collection. Of course, there are some disadvantages to owning a shoulder holster, too, but we don’t feel those are significant enough for us to avoid owning one. For other gun owners who feel that the pros of these holsters outweigh the cons, we’ve included some things they might want to think about before purchasing one.

Things To Consider When Buying A Shoulder Holster:

  • Do You Want A Vertical, Horizontal Or 45-Degree Holster?
  • Will The Holster Fit You And Your Gun?
  • How Easy Is The Holster To Adjust?

The Gun Safe

The next thing that the gun owner is going to want to own is a Gun Safe. A quality gun safe will not only help prevent children and other unauthorized individuals from grabbing and using the gun. It also can prevent the theft of the firearms if an intruder breaks in looking for stuff to steal.

The first thing that the gun owner is going to want to consider when they’re purchasing a gun safe is whether they want a Key-Locked Gun Safe, A Combination-Locked Gun Safe, or a Biometric Gun Safe. Each of these has its pros and cons, so the consumer should do their homework and choose the best one available.

Regardless of what type of gun safe the consumer wants, however, they are going to have to think about what features they need it to have. Although it’s impossible to go over every potential feature of every gun safe available in an article of this size, we can cover some of the more basic considerations below.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gun Safe:

  • What Is The Safe’s Capacity?
  • What Security Features Does It Have?
  • How Thick Is The Safe’s Shell?
  • Does It Have Removable Shelves?
  • Can It Be Mounted?
  • Does It Have Concealed Hinges?
  • Is It A One-Piece Construction?

Gun Oil And Cleaning Kits

The last thing that we’d like to discuss before we end this article is the importance of buying the best Gun Oil and Gun Cleaning Kits. Actually now that we think about it, we probably should’ve placed these two pieces of equipment at the top of our guide because they’re extremely important. A clean and well oil firearm is one that’s reliable and will provide the gun owner with years of faithful service.

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